Barnard College - Information Session

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March 29 2017
The staff was all very nice and sharp. Everyone had a lot of Barnard pride as well as Columbia University pride. [View Full Report]
December 26 2016
Was fair, and run by someone from the admissions office, but not an admissions officer. However, she was very knowledgeable. [View Full Report]
August 12 2015
Well done. Polished, efficient presentation. Helpful suggestions for successful essays. [View Full Report]
March 02 2015
Not too long. Informative and pleasant. The room it was held in was beautiful, and it was a much smaller group than I've had at some other schools, so it felt very intimate. [View Full Report]
August 10 2011
Had to leave a bit early bc of interview but was very helpful for what we saw [View Full Report]
June 25 2010
Half an hour long, mostly went over the admissions process and what Barnard looks for in an applicant. Very casual and certainly helpful. [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
Lots of good information shared. The Staff giving the talk (Daniela?) did a great job in informing the students about the app reading process and how to be successful. Excellent job!!! [View Full Report]
March 30 2008
The information session followed the tour and was pretty short. The admissions officer briefly discussed info regarding the admissions process - basically what could be found on the website. [View Full Report]
December 23 2007
Very brief, but comforting. The admissions counselor was friendly and relaxed. [View Full Report]
December 08 2007
i was there for a summer program, and one day at lunch a woman came and gave a quick info session for interested students. mostly she talked about financial aid, but i enjoyed it. [View Full Report]
July 29 2007
Horrible. [View Full Report]