Bowdoin College - Admissions Interview

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December 14 2009
I had an interview with an alumni, which went very well. He was welcoming and informative while also being easy to talk to. [View Full Report]
December 17 2008
okay. i got interviewed by a current senior. [View Full Report]
December 09 2008
I had fun on my interview, nice discussion. Beautiful admissions office building. [View Full Report]
May 20 2008
Went very well, interview gave plenty of time for questions [View Full Report]
June 19 2007
Great student interviewer; talked about general things as well as academic and extracurricular and she answered all of my questions. [View Full Report]
June 19 2007
I had an alumni interview after this original visit. [View Full Report]
April 25 2007
Friendly senior interviewer..talked for about 30 minutes because of long line. [View Full Report]
August 17 2006
I had a very nice and enthusiastic student interview who kept describing Bowdoin as "awesome." [View Full Report]