Bowdoin College - Information Session

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June 12 2010
Only Info session (of a dozen New England schools S visitied) where the actual Dean of Admissions spoke. By far the best session we attended. S agreed. [View Full Report]
June 04 2010
I was there for the Bowdoin Experience, so i had more informal sessions and i could ask my host, or any student i happened to meet, whatever questions crossed my mind. [View Full Report]
April 11 2010
The session was a bit canned, but still informative and enjoyable. Even though there were 25+ students, he still had us go around and share our name and interests and a quirky fact about ourselves. [View Full Report]
December 17 2009
awesome! so informative, I love John thurston [View Full Report]
December 14 2009
I didn't love the way it was set up--first there was time for questions, then we listened to the director talk about the admissions process. A little choppy but still informative. [View Full Report]
December 09 2008
Director of admissions said the usual info session things. Financial aid should be good, though. Helpful and informative. [View Full Report]
November 26 2008
I went with all expense paid trip from QuestBridge so ofcourse there were other QuestBridge students there but no parents. The information session, one general another specific to QB, both pretty good [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
There were only 4 families at the info session, other three were Srs, D is Jr. Adcom kept singling my D out in all her (Adcom's) comments made my D feel annoyed. She rambled but covered some ti [View Full Report]
July 17 2008
Very laid back info session, not the usual fast-taking, statistics-laden hard sell. An offbeat approach but it effectively projects the school as hip, laid-back, quality but not hypercompetitive. [View Full Report]
April 09 2008
Very personal; admissions lady let us ask any questions we wanted rather than shout out statistics [View Full Report]
February 29 2008
Very large group. They seemed surprised by the number of kids there. It was presidents day, most high school kids had the day off. Led by an assoc dean of admission and a freshman student. The size [View Full Report]
June 19 2007
Short, not the never-ending type you get a lot. Informative and open for questions. [View Full Report]
June 19 2007
The Information Session was very crowded. An admissions officer still had every prospective student introduce themselves. The session covered very general info and was 35 minutes in length. [View Full Report]
May 31 2007
Sessions for student life and financial aid [View Full Report]
April 25 2007
Lady was quite nice and informative...sort of. [View Full Report]
Papa Chicken
October 25 2006
best info session moderator out of ~20 visits [View Full Report]
August 17 2006
Didn't have time... [View Full Report]