Bowdoin College - Campus Tour

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December 28 2012
Our tour guide was knowledgable, kind, and all-around swell. Made the tour fun and well-worth it! [View Full Report]
June 12 2010
Excellent. Guide was a current student from Florida who effectively diffused the cold weather issues. Only criticism was her pronunciation of "Li-berry" rather than Library. Minor point. [View Full Report]
June 04 2010
it was a more informal tour my by host. the campus was gorgeous even though it was overcast all four days that i was there. you could walk to where you need to be in 2 mins. loved the weather. [View Full Report]
April 11 2010
Beautiful campus and adequate tour guide. [View Full Report]
December 17 2009
my tour guide had a really dry sense of humor [View Full Report]
December 14 2009
Our tour guide was excellent. He knew his material well and I got a great sense of tight-knight community that is Bowdoin. He seemed to know lots of people and everyone we passed was very friendly. [View Full Report]
December 17 2008
campus is GORGEOUS. bowdoin students are spoiled with pretty campus, great dorms and best food ever [View Full Report]
November 26 2008
I had a senior do our tour. The campus was beautiful and she was really informative. You could tell she wanted everyone to hear and get the most out of it. She even stayed afterwards to talk indivdual [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
Tour was pretty good, covered highlights of campus. Were shown a 100 person lecture hall, when I asked guide who was a Sr what class she had in that hall, she didn't answer but said it was uncom [View Full Report]
July 17 2008
The usual bricks-and-mortar basics with a few personal anecdotes thrown in. Nice facilities, pleasant setting, charming tour guide. It helped that we were there on a gorgeous day. [View Full Report]
May 20 2008
Tour guide was very informative and nice. We chatted about activism prior to the tour. Students we encountered seemed friendly [View Full Report]
April 09 2008
Excellent tour guide from Romania; answered all questions and was engaging [View Full Report]
February 29 2008
Split info group into 3 tour groups. Our guide was a jr. She was knowledgeable and answered most questions. Went and looked up info on questions she did not know. [View Full Report]
June 19 2007
Beautiful campus, okay tour guide. I got a feel for the general atmosphere. [View Full Report]
June 19 2007
The tour was decent. I couldn't hear the tour guide but it did not really matter. The campus is amazing, very beautiful. The facilities were just as impressive. [View Full Report]
April 25 2007
Beautiful little campus real cozy and nice and all that good stuff. everything is close so it's accesible. [View Full Report]
Papa Chicken
October 25 2006
best tour guide out of ~20 visits [View Full Report]
August 17 2006
We didn't have an official one, but we walked around a bit and saw a beautiful, well-maintained campus. [View Full Report]