Bowdoin College - Classroom Visit

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June 12 2010
N/A [View Full Report]
June 04 2010
yes i sat in on 4 or 5 classes. the calls sizes were a max of 35 kids i would say and the smallest class was 7 or 8. i loved the atmosphere and i felt that for the most part, it was very intellectual. [View Full Report]
April 11 2010
Wow! My prof was so accommodating and the class was intellectually stimulating. A great experience overall. [View Full Report]
December 14 2009
I sat in on a French class (I highly recommend sitting in on a class in a subject you want to pursue) and it was pretty nice. Rooms were equipped with macbooks, projectors, and chalkboards. [View Full Report]
December 17 2008
kinda boring, class was reviewing for an exam. [View Full Report]
December 09 2008
wow! Bowdoin students are smart! The teacher seemed enthusiastic and the students seemed like they wanted to be there...and it was a math class! [View Full Report]
November 26 2008
i went to a freshman lecture class and it seemed pretty okay. it wasnt something i would normally pick but my host was going. the class was really well prepared and the prof. was open to us. [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
Saw lecture hall and "oldest" seminar room, no "normal" classrooms. Saw chem lab and lots of science research results. [View Full Report]
May 31 2007
There wasn't a great selection of classes that interested me (Primarily foreign languages, math/sciences). I attended an art history class (focus on Japan). An interesting experience, overall. [View Full Report]
April 25 2007
some really engaging and interesting teachers who truly seem interested in what you are learning (excluding intro level courses..because...well you know) [View Full Report]