Bryn Mawr College - Dining/Restaurant Recommendations

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August 11 2009
Everywhere! Some places are expensive, but they're so good, it's worth it! [View Full Report]
May 09 2009
Bryn Mawr's food is award-winning and supposedly really good. I didn't try it, but my friend confirmed that Haverford pretty much mobs the dining halls on the weekends. [View Full Report]
July 27 2008
Ate at a pretty decent Japanese place on Lancaster Ave., the main business strip. There are several other choices there as well. [View Full Report]
May 08 2007
We ate at Red Lobster and The Cheesecake Factory. The Cheesecake Factory was nice, but there was a forty minute wait. We also ordered from Michael's Deli, and it was decent. [View Full Report]
October 09 2006
I do not know...sorry. I have to say though that Bryn Mawr's food is amazing. Within the course of two days, I honestly believed that I have lived through the Freshman 15. [View Full Report]
gonzo lux
September 01 2006
Unfortunately I don't recall any names [View Full Report]