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August 11 2009
Must go into downtown phily! It's beautiful and historic and there's endless things to do! [View Full Report]
July 27 2008
Took the train in to Philly to see what that's like. Excellent: fast, efficient, frequent service. Students at Bryn Mawr & Haverford go into Philly a lot on weekends, or to take classes at P [View Full Report]
October 09 2006
I do not know as I drove down to Bryn Mawr. The train station is literally right outside of campus, so catching the train to and from Bryn Mawr is really convenient. A lot of prospective students actually took the train down here. Unfortunately, I cannot [View Full Report]
gonzo lux
September 01 2006
I didn't see much parking, I am almost positive that freshman cannot have cars [View Full Report]