Bryn Mawr College - Admissions Interview

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September 06 2017
Gorgeous campus, but from what we were shown, everything seems so dated. They had OVERHEAD projectors in classrooms - in 2017, really? [View Full Report]
August 13 2014
2 interviews, one in my hometown and one on campus. Both women were very friendly and open and I never felt pressured or put on the spot. [View Full Report]
August 22 2011
Very laid-back, very fun. The interview wasn't just concerned with how good of a candidate I was, but also with how well Bryn Mawr would ME. [View Full Report]
May 08 2007
My interviewer put me at ease immediately. Conversation topics included my passions, my high school, my rigor of schedule, why I liked Bryn Mawr, the idea of a woman's college, and the Honor Code [View Full Report]
December 31 2006
I had a fabulous interview experience at Bryn Mawr. The admissions people are very nice. The only thing I would change is that she didn't leave me any time to ask her questions about the school. [View Full Report]
October 14 2006
I thought it went well. It was a pretty natural exchange, she asked me about myself, also what I like to do solely for fun. There were some questions I could feel were definitely pre planned, standard ones- why a women's college and why bryn mawr. [View Full Report]
October 09 2006
It went very well, I think. I think all interviews are conducted by admissions officers, but the overall atmosphere of the interview was very laid back. I felt very comfortable and the officer made sure to faciliate the discussions and none of the questio [View Full Report]
gonzo lux
September 01 2006
This was my first interview, so I was a bit nervous. The interviewer was the head of international admissions (I'm not international). She was very friendly and invited my parents in at the end for questions. By the end, I was not stressed at all. [View Full Report]