Bryn Mawr College - Information Session

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September 06 2017
Was way to "rah rah"..... everything is just perfect [View Full Report]
August 13 2014
I attended a lot of information sessions, and they were really helpful and interesting, especially the ones I attended at the Admitted Students program. [View Full Report]
August 11 2009
Q&A, very informative. [View Full Report]
July 27 2008
Small, intimate info session: 2 prospective students, 2 parents, 1 current student, 2 admissions officers sitting around a small conference table in a lovely room. Charming, and oh-so-inviting! [View Full Report]
October 09 2006
Pretty standard and very informative. I went up for the Fall Preview Day and everyone was very honest and genuine. A big plus for me was that the president of the college, Nancy Vickers, conducted the information session, which demonstrated to me how pers [View Full Report]