Bryn Mawr College - Campus Tour

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September 06 2017
She was bored and would not answer the questions that we wanted answered. She would either deflect the questions, or tell us what subject we could ask about. Boo. [View Full Report]
August 13 2014
Very memorable campus tour with a sophomore from Zimbabwe who talked about some of the hilarious pranks in Bryn Mawr's history. [View Full Report]
August 22 2011
The campus tour was very informative. Went through one of the dorms, across the whole campus, etc. [View Full Report]
March 02 2010
Very articulate and friendly guide who clearly loved the place and was a good ambassador. [View Full Report]
August 11 2009
BEAUTIFUL! [View Full Report]
July 27 2008
Our guide was knowledgeable, informative, funny, told lots of amusing and instructive little anecdotes. Very endearing. [View Full Report]
May 08 2007
I missed the tour, and so they called down a private tour guide to take us around. She was very well-informed and friendly. My only complaint was that we did not get to see a dorm room. [View Full Report]
December 31 2006
I enjoyed the tour- probably the biggest reason was because it was small due to the time of year. Tour guide was very helpful, covered everything, including Bryn Mawr's wonderful traditions. [View Full Report]
October 14 2006
i was actually the only one on my campus tour. my tour guide was really energetic and enthusiastic and told us exactly why bmc had been good for her. [View Full Report]
October 09 2006
Very nice. I also attended a residential college tour, and all I can say is that I have never seen any dorms that are better and bigger than those at Bryn Mawr. (But then I haven't been many I may be a bit biased.) [View Full Report]
gonzo lux
September 01 2006
I went during the summer, and I believe I might have been the only visitor on that day. I received my own tour guide, who showed me campus. She even pointed out the college President who just happened to be walking around! The facilities were older usu [View Full Report]