Carleton College Visit Report by Ritafinn

Visit to Carleton College in October 2006 by Ritafinn
(Parent of Student, HS Class of 2006)
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Visit Activities:

Admissions Interview: Yes - D reports that the interviewer was a senior who loves the school and is sad to be leaving. This young woman lives in the town next door to us (MA) and was able to answer all kinds of questions regarding the character of Carleton and also the midwest/east

Information Session: Yes - The Admissions Counselor who gave the presentation was not at all charsmatic, but gave a thoughtful talk and answered all of the gorup's questions.

Campus Tour: Yes - D and I toured separately, due to the timing of her interview. Our tour guide readily aknowledged this was his first tour and was helped out by other students who approached him, asked him how it was going and readily offered their own perpsectives. I

Classroom Visit: No - Saturday - no classes


Friendliness/Courtesy of Students:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Students were very friendly, as noted above. There were numerous offers to view dorm rooms and students volunteered that they loved the school. "You should come here."

Friendliness/Courtesy of Staff:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Admissions Staff very friendly. Lovely young woman at the front desk accomodated the request of a visiting parent who asked to peer around under her desk to get a sense of the computer configurations and wiring. No one knew what he was doing, but he see

Appearance of Campus:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
"The Bald Spot" is the site of pick-up games - iced over in the winter and otherwise available for Ultimate Frisbee etc. Lots of trees, open space. A commitment to working with sustainable energy. In the midst of farmland.

Building/Facilities Maintenance/Cleanliness:
3 - Good
3 - Good
Campus is beautiful, but not manicured. There are some lovely buildings, and some that looked as if they might be slated for renovation soon. Admissions Office had a broken water cooler, with the front end of it on the floor.

3 - Good
3 - Good
Dorms were fine, ranging from almost airy singles to serviceable doubles.

4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
Students had no concerns about safety.

Overall Campus Impression:
Carleton has its own character. It is probably not for everyone, but the kids we met clearly loved it and cannot imagine being anywhere else. I think D could be very happy there.


Area Immediately Around Campus:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
.The area is farmland. There are some nicely maintained houses around the campus. Not always easy to see where the campus ends and the surrounding neighborhood begins. Lots of faculty live very nearby.

Northfield is a small town, readily avaiable to the campus. There are several restaurants that would appeal to students, with not unreasonable prices. St. Olaf is just down the road. Students are not allowed cars, but the Twin Cities are 35 mi away and

Campus Visit Notes for Carleton College

Visit Description:

D had not wanted to see Carleton, very interested in Macalester. However, she emerged from her interview and tour loving the place and feeling she could be very happy there. She thought Mac students seemed more stressed than the people she met at Carleton, and clearly loved the Carleton quirkiness. It is now one of her two top choices.

Hotel/Lodging Recommendations or Comments:

We stayed with relatives.