Carleton College - Dining/Restaurant Recommendations

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February 23 2016
I did not eat at Carleton or in Northfield. The other girl on my tour ate in the dining hall, though, so that is available. [View Full Report]
July 05 2012
Chapati indian lunch buffet - YUM. Hogan Brothers has cheap hogies and incredible ice cream (get a single scoop - bigger than you think). Tavern or Rueb N Stein for more pub feel. Basils for pizza! [View Full Report]
April 30 2010
Tavern was quite delicious and had a fairly extensive menu. I had stir fry; ds had a burger. For dinner, I walked to the Quarterback Club, local institution, for a carryout burger combo. Yum. [View Full Report]
April 15 2009
Blue Monday Coffee Shop is cute and serves good coffee/pastries for breakfast [View Full Report]
December 23 2008
Chapati- a delicious Indian restaurant in the Archer House. there are tons of other restaurants on the main street of Northfield. [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
Ate at the Language and Dining Hall. Food choice was good; apparently they got a new food service this year, and the rumors of bad food are now untrue. [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
I keep mentioning it, but Sweet Lou's Waffle Bar! I had the Coen Brothers - banana & nutella. Other options include the Jesse James (raspberry and hot fudge) & the Maize & Blue (lemon [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
there is that really good indian restaurant.......... [View Full Report]
October 26 2007
Ate at Rub-N-Stein. It was fine. [View Full Report]
June 25 2007
There were a couple really good Pizza places right downtown, and a very good Indian restaurant. We also found this bar and grill type place that was really good. [View Full Report]
June 14 2007
The Mall of America has Panda Express, which is amazing. Great Chinese food. I don't know about the dining in Northfield, but if you need really fancy food, you can always go to the TC's. [View Full Report]
April 14 2007
We ate at The Tavern and I highly recommend it. We also heard that the Indian restaurant (can't remember the name of that either) is great, so we'll try that next time. [View Full Report]