Carleton College - Admissions Interview

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December 10 2014
Had a very conversational attitude. It didn't feel like I was being judged or anything of that nature. Very fun and informational as well. [View Full Report]
July 05 2012
I had an alumni interview near Chicago. We met at a diner and chatted over coffee. Carleton's interviews are more informative than evaluative - I learned a lot and got a great sense of a former C [View Full Report]
January 15 2011
More formal than I expected (guy was wearing a suit). Went well otherwise. Be prepared to talk about random topics, like favorite books and current events. [View Full Report]
April 30 2010
Ds already had been admitted and visited previously over the summer. He had his interview then. [View Full Report]
November 01 2009
Interviews were scheduled for all TOC participants, but I skipped mine because I had already had an alumni interview back home. [View Full Report]
October 15 2009
Great interview by the Admissions Director [View Full Report]
April 15 2009
They didn't offer one this week, unfortunately [View Full Report]
January 11 2009
They're offered, but I didn't do one because I was only a rising junior at the time of my visit. [View Full Report]
December 23 2008
I was interviewed by a rising senior who was much easier to talk to then an adult. [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
Nicely paced for a 20 minute interview. (Was in a hurry) Senior intern asked q's like which superhero did I related to the most, what my school was famous for, how my friends would describe me, e [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
Pretty basic as far as interviews go - we covered school, extracurriculars, a paper I've written, authors I like, why Carleton... [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
All the interviewers are the senior students at the school. Friendly students, not intimidating scary adcoms. Therefore, I really don't think the interview has any weight in admission. [View Full Report]
October 26 2007
D felt it was an engaging conversation. [View Full Report]
June 25 2007
Interview was very relaxed. It was basically just a chance to ask questions and get some extra information. The interviewer was very helpful. [View Full Report]
June 14 2007
My interviewer was a Carleton alumnus. The interview is informational only, so no need to perfect any sort of speech before. He made me feel like Carleton would be a good fit and was very helpful. [View Full Report]
October 29 2006
D reports that the interviewer was a senior who loves the school and is sad to be leaving. This young woman lives in the town next door to us (MA) and was able to answer all kinds of questions regarding the character of Carleton and also the midwest/east [View Full Report]