Carleton College - Campus Tour

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April 14 2017
Good tour. Library impressed, dining room food was excellent, grounds were charming. Admissions office was small and welcoming.Baseball field was decent but stands were laughably small. [View Full Report]
February 23 2016
The tour was very nice (although it was very cold). The vibe on campus was amazing... The feeling I got walking around campus is the reason that Carleton is now my top choice! [View Full Report]
December 10 2014
The tour felt short to me (guess I was having fun!) but my tour guide was amazing. [View Full Report]
October 19 2013
Our tour guide was nice enough but he did not show us many buildings and never asked us about ourselves. On the other hand we knew quite a bit about him by the end of the tour. [View Full Report]
July 05 2012
Toured with a summer admissions fellow, a rising senior psych major. Lots of fun personal anecdotes and a beautiful campus in general. [View Full Report]
January 15 2011
Couldn't make an official tour, so my host and her friends gave me one--it was great! [View Full Report]
July 26 2010
Current student showed us the outside of most of the campus buildings but not too many interiors. Did not see athletic or recreation facilities or seminar rooms. [View Full Report]
April 30 2010
Again, it was one on one. Tour guide was candid because of that. We talked a lot about the drinking policy as I saw a sign posted about a recent mtg to discuss "the drinking issue." [View Full Report]
November 01 2009
Co-led by two students, and wonderful--just the right length, the usual factoids accompanied by that quirky Carleton humor. [View Full Report]
October 15 2009
Good [View Full Report]
April 15 2009
My tour was pretty good; the tour guide did not speak English as her first language and was a tiny bit hard to understand, but for the most part was very informative and gave us a very thorough tour. [View Full Report]
January 11 2009
Tour guide was nice and dynamic, lots of little stories about Carleton and it's quirks, etc. [View Full Report]
December 23 2008
There was this horrible thunderstorm and tornado warning but we did the tour anyway with umbrellas. [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
Tour guide was enthusiastic enough about Carleton. We walked into a random person's dorm room. People were generally friendly if approached. [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
I went on a campus tour in July 2008. The tour guide was friendly and covered a lot, but it was par for the course as far as tours go. [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
DISAPPOINTING. Bald and flat. The only pretty building is the Chapel, and even its interior is ugly. Theatre struck me by its tiny size. Bald spot is ugly. Calm and relaxed. So many bicycles. [View Full Report]
October 26 2007
Great tour done by two students. Best part of the visit. They were articulate, clear, funny, friendly, and informative. [View Full Report]
October 09 2007
Laid-back, students were natural, personal, and unscripted. [View Full Report]
June 25 2007
Campus tour was pretty good. 2 students walked around filming us for a class. I thought that was pretty interesting. We basically just went around to all the buildings and went in a dorm room. [View Full Report]
June 14 2007
The campus tour was standard but good. Went around most of the campus, but didn't go in the arboretum because it's too large. [View Full Report]
April 14 2007
Even in the pouring rain the campus tour was interesting and helpful. [View Full Report]
October 29 2006
D and I toured separately, due to the timing of her interview. Our tour guide readily aknowledged this was his first tour and was helped out by other students who approached him, asked him how it was going and readily offered their own perpsectives. I [View Full Report]