Carleton College - Classroom Visit

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April 14 2017
Son said it was mainly lecturing in his smallish modern History class. [View Full Report]
December 10 2014
I wasn't looking forward to this because it wasn't a subject related to my desired major but it wound up being my favorite part. I talked to the very friendly professor afterwards for a coup [View Full Report]
July 05 2012
Sat in on "From Beethoven to Ben Folds," an introductory music course. [View Full Report]
January 15 2011
Visited a 200-level music class. Students were engaged and knew what they were discussing. Professor gave them a break in the middle (it was a long class). Seems that this is the norm. [View Full Report]
April 30 2010
He went to two. Enjoyed them well enough. Commented that there were no minorites in first class, which struck him as odd. [View Full Report]
November 01 2009
I visited an Intermediate Chinese class, which was unfortunately being taught by a native-speaker TA (alternating days w/ the prof) so I couldn't ask specific questions about the program. [View Full Report]
October 15 2009
With another student, it was fine [View Full Report]
April 15 2009
Unfortunately my host had an early morning class, but I got to see her homework load... [View Full Report]
December 23 2008
The teacher was so nice and made feel feel very welcome and even included me in the discussion. Not to mention the class was very interesting. [View Full Report]
November 05 2008
3 classes -- photography, European history, English. Photography had a lab day; history had an enthusiastic prof, but most students looked deep in thought and untalkative. English: a good discussion. [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
I visited both a Poly Sci and an English class. [View Full Report]
October 15 2008
My professor was incredibly kind to me. All students seemed very intellectual and articulate. Some of them were sorta weird though... 4 students started fighting in Chinese during the English class. [View Full Report]
October 26 2007
The class was mid-discussion from a topic started in an earlier class (Philosophy). E appreciated welcoming atmosphere. [View Full Report]
October 09 2007
Anthropology 101 was entertaining, but apparently not representative of the regular difficulty of Carleton classes. [View Full Report]
June 25 2007
I visited 4 classes, which is not typical. I had to hassle them a bit to do it, but they were happy to let me visit them. People were welcoming, and the classes were impressive. Students are engaged. [View Full Report]
April 14 2007
My son was very impressed with the class. [View Full Report]
October 29 2006
Saturday - no classes [View Full Report]