Colby College - Admissions Interview

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July 30 2013
No [View Full Report]
December 27 2008
I interviewed my junior year when the admissions officer was in town. [View Full Report]
December 17 2008
Wasnt even a real admissions worker. a teacher from a local elementary school [View Full Report]
October 28 2008
The admissions officer was great. Very responsive and caring. [View Full Report]
October 28 2006
D very pleased with her interview. She and the interviewer had a shared interest in a television program both admired, as well as an interest in literature, writing - which made the interview a great experience for D. Interviewer recommended classes an [View Full Report]
September 14 2006
DD felt her interview with an admission staffer to be the best she had all season. Interviewer was relaxed but inquisitive and really tried to assess the fit between Colby and her interests. [View Full Report]
September 04 2006
Approximately 45 minutes. DS said it was more like a conversation. Adm office seemed to be in high gear for summer visits. [View Full Report]
August 28 2006
I found the interview at Colby to be one of least overwelming of the interviews I conducted. My interviewer was primarily interested in my extra-curricular activities and in telling me about the programs that Colby had to offer. The questions I was asked [View Full Report]