Colby College - Campus Tour

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July 30 2013
Very mature tour guide; she was approachable, eager to answer questions about academics and campus life; also met other students, who were friendly, down to earth and very articulate. [View Full Report]
January 22 2009
Good tour guide for a group of about 12 (parents and students). Covered the central campus - peeked in classrooms, cafeteria. Did not tour a dorm room. [View Full Report]
December 17 2008
campus is very preety. no trees though...very open. buildings are nice o the outside but to me it seemed very generic and plain inside [View Full Report]
April 22 2007
Weaved through buildings and one dorm. Pretty standard tour, but a lot of helpful and sometimes random information was thrown in during walks between buildings - such as ratio of Macs to PCs (7:3). [View Full Report]
October 28 2006
Beautiful campus -even with a nor'easter on the way. The tour guide was most helpful, answered questions, talked at length about her own experience as a student and clearly loves the school. [View Full Report]
September 14 2006
The campus friendliness is palpable, students seem happy and know each other. Our tour guide was funny and well-informed. [View Full Report]
September 04 2006
Led by international student who could walk backwards extremely well in wedged heels while giving animated tour facts/anecdotes. [View Full Report]