Cornell University - Hotel/Lodging Recommendations

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September 06 2015
Do NOT stay at Meadow Court Inn. Yes, it's a bargain but it's run down and you will be tired after a day on campus as well as looking at the gorges. [View Full Report]
August 21 2013
Easy drive from other side of one of the Finger Lakes. [View Full Report]
August 11 2013
There are very few hotels in the area so book early! [View Full Report]
May 17 2013
We stayed at the Best Western, Breakfast was included and they have a complimentary shuttle that took us to campus [View Full Report]
March 31 2013
Stay in Cortland - only 20-30 min. away and more affordable. The Holiday Inn Express was only 2 years young in 2013 and was a great choice for our family. Adjoining rooms and free breakfast! [View Full Report]
July 12 2012
We stayed in Cortland, 30 min away. Much more affordable. [View Full Report]
August 09 2011
We stayed at the Homewood Suites. Perfection. Great free breakfast and great suite room that allowed us our own space at night. Easy drive to campus and to restaurants. [View Full Report]
June 30 2011
The Cortland Quality Inn. Only about a half hour from Cornell, extremely reasonably priced, and comes with a complimentary breakfast. Very cute and just across the street from a public lake. [View Full Report]
May 28 2011
We stayed at the Super 8 in Ithaca and it was basic & inexpensive, had a fridge and microwave in the room, and free breakfast was included. Rooms on 2nd floor smell of smoke but first floor was f [View Full Report]
May 14 2011
Well, we stayed at the Memorial Court Inn. Don't stay there, the carpet was full of stains and the shower was disassembled inside the tub... [View Full Report]
December 29 2010
The Statler is nice and the staff (students) are very helpful. It's way overpriced but is certainly convenient. They loan good umbrellas. [View Full Report]
September 26 2010
Courtyard Inn. excellent if have car. get to campus thru north campus and get to see beautiful homes in Ithaca Heights just outside campus. huge shopping mall right by the hotel [View Full Report]
April 08 2009
Don't go to the Hotels at Cornell - they're overpriced and not worth it. The hotels in Ithaca have pools and complimentary breakfast for half the price as Cornell Hotels. [View Full Report]
March 11 2009
Statler Hotel, while very convenient, is a bit expensive. Go out maybe 10-15 minutes, and you get good deals at random inns. [View Full Report]
February 28 2009
We stayed at a small motel outside of the city, along a country highway. It was clean, quiet, and reasonable. Not fancy, there were few guests, but it was exactly what we wanted. [View Full Report]
May 28 2008
The new Hilton Garden Inn downtown is reasonably priced and REALLY NICE!!!! One of the better hotels I've stayed at. [View Full Report]
August 22 2007
Stattler Hotel on campus is great. Let them park your car and you're right where you want to be for tours and interviews. Holiday Inn and Ramada were good, but you have to drive, park and walk. [View Full Report]
July 27 2007
We stayed at the Best Western about 5 minutes from campus. It has easy access to the immediate area, but we were disappointed with our stay. It is far from a Courtyards, but not a Motel 8 either. [View Full Report]
June 27 2007
We stayed at a hotel right off campus and it was comfortable - one of these days I'm going to stay at the Statler. [View Full Report]
April 15 2007
I stayed with a student, and my mom stayed at some bed and breakfast thing, which she really liked. [View Full Report]
September 10 2006
There are a few affordable hotel chains. [View Full Report]
September 05 2006
courtyard marriot was great, they have a free shuttle to the campus. or you could try the statler :) [View Full Report]
August 10 2006
I didn't stay at a hotel, but theres many hotels around Cornell, most people i know stay at the Ramada Inn, which is really close to the campus, and a lot more affordable than staying at the Statler Hotel (which is directly on campus). [View Full Report]
August 08 2006
The Ithaca airport is cute. [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
I stayed at Ramada inn. good service. a guy named Jake there was the hotelie [View Full Report]