Cornell University - Dining/Restaurant Recommendations

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September 06 2015
Maxie's Supper Club & Oyster Bar had a really FUN vibe but expect a cajun like menu. [View Full Report]
August 21 2013
Moosewood in Ithaca. [View Full Report]
August 11 2013
Awesome food in ithica! [View Full Report]
May 17 2013
We ate dinner at the Boatyard Grill. Excellent view of the lake. The restaurant seems to be on the student list of things to do at Cornell before you graduate. [View Full Report]
August 09 2011
We had a terrific lunch at the Mahogany Grill and a wonderful dinner at Hai Hong. Some of the best Chinese food I've ever had and really good service. Had lunch on campus at Kennedy Hall. It w [View Full Report]
May 28 2011
First night we got dinner from Wegmans next door to the hotel (many hot food items sold by weight salad-bar style). Second night we got great wings from Wings over Ithaca. Lunch on campus was good. [View Full Report]
May 14 2011
We ate ate the Asian Noodle House for lunch and it was extremely tasty, though I seem to remember it being on the slightly expensive side. I would recommend the fish ball soup. [View Full Report]
December 29 2010
The freshman dining halls and Mac's Cafe are very good. See description. [View Full Report]
September 26 2010
ate at Cornell dining. paid 10 dollars for all you could eat in Willard Stright Hall. Excellent quality. [View Full Report]
January 18 2010
some of the best [View Full Report]
April 08 2009
GREAT FOOD! [View Full Report]
February 28 2009
There are some great small restaurants in Ithaca, along a pedestrians-only section. [View Full Report]
January 20 2009
one block up the hill on the left from where the tour leaves is a great place to eat!!! [View Full Report]
October 05 2008
There are numerous good places to eat on campus. Try asking your tour guide for a recommendation. [View Full Report]
June 26 2008
Cornell is known for great food. Try eating at one of the dining halls and try their homemade ice cream! [View Full Report]
May 28 2008
Besides on-campus, food in Collegetown is supposedly good and cheap (students especially love Thai). Downtown, Mahogany Grille is EXCELLENT and offers outdoor dining on Main Street. [View Full Report]
April 05 2008
nice chinese restaurant and food on campus was good. [View Full Report]
August 22 2007
Campus food is quite good. ZaZa's Cantina in Ithaca, Rulloffs and Collegetown Bagels in Ctown are worth visiting. Walk to the Dairy Barn on campus for ice cream. [View Full Report]
July 09 2007
BE SURE TO GO TO THE CORNELL DAIRY BAR! $2.00 pints of icecream and it is really really good! [View Full Report]
June 27 2007
Amazing food. All the campus diners are great - we went to a Korean BBQ place in town. It was very good. [View Full Report]
April 15 2007
We ate on campus--it was really good. [View Full Report]
September 10 2006
Moosewood Restaurant, in downtown Ithaca, is the only well-known establishment. Other options are your typical fare - small diners, cheap ethnic food, grease joints. [View Full Report]
September 05 2006
saki bombing at plumtree. collegetown bagels. if you can eat at a dining hall MAKE SURE YOU EAT AT RPCC. that ALONE will make you apply. [View Full Report]
August 10 2006
I'd try out the food within Cornell campus. In collegetown, I loved Stella's Cafe (good breakfast omelettes) and The Nines (good pizza) and Cornell students frequent Collegetown Bagels. [View Full Report]
August 08 2006
Go to that Moose____ something restaurant. It's a famous vegetarian place. [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
Aladdin's! Collegetown Bagels, and The Old Teahouse! [View Full Report]