Cornell University - Information Session

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October 27 2018
Initial session was very large and impersonal. The Arts and Sciences and Business school presentations much better [View Full Report]
September 06 2015
Attended the general one (seating packed) and the engineering one. Later we attended the Human Ecology info session. (two daughters) Cornell sells itself VERY WELL. One of the best out of all the se [View Full Report]
March 27 2015
The college of architecture session was helpful with what to expect and preparing a portfolio. The guy answered all questions and showed me around afterwards. [View Full Report]
August 21 2013
Was very general, but gave plenty of information. Did not go into any details though as some universities break things down quickly for parents. Very experienced person giving talk. [View Full Report]
May 17 2013
The School of Engineering session was excellent and specific. The general college session speakers kept referring us to go to their website for more statistics, rather than answer the questions. [View Full Report]
March 31 2013
We attended a combined info session for CALS, Engineering & College of Arts & Sciences. Informative - but long. The session ran close to two hours with a Q & A session at the end. [View Full Report]
August 09 2011
We went to 3. Liberal Arts: excellent dynamic presentation; ILR: really informative; Agriculture - extremely poor. Speaker was boring and uninformed. Very little information about AEM. [View Full Report]
June 30 2011
Very informative and engaging. Although I'd researched Cornell extensively before, the combination of a student and adminstrator perspective made it very interesting. [View Full Report]
May 28 2011
We visited during Cornell days so there was a general welcome, engineering information session, financial aid session, parents panel, residence life session. [View Full Report]
September 26 2010
combined with campus tour. they hold specific information sessions for the different colleges. [View Full Report]
July 27 2010
Engineering session was pretty standard issue. [View Full Report]
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January 27 2010
I had went to a special info session called the "tricks for getting into the arts and sciences". although the advice wasn't anything special, the dean of cas was able to answer my quest [View Full Report]
August 03 2009
The information session was very useful, I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in Cornell. I went to the Arts and Sciences College Info Session, and I learnt a lot. [View Full Report]
March 11 2009
I attended both the CALS and CoE sessions. Both were very informative, and the admissions reps at each were friendly, ready to answer my questions, and honest. [View Full Report]
February 28 2009
I attended the CALS info session too. Both were worth the time and interesting. [View Full Report]
January 20 2009
Great, these guys are amazing at covering all the questions. [View Full Report]
June 26 2008
Slideshow presentation that gave a general idea of the school, but didn't impart a lot of solid information on living or academics. [View Full Report]
May 28 2008
Went to two of them. Not spectacularly interesting, but solid and informative. [View Full Report]
April 21 2008
Very informative Powerpoint presentation. Lasted an hour and seemed a bit rushed, a tour was scheduled right after the session. [View Full Report]
April 05 2008
lots of information about the different schools. kind of dull [View Full Report]
March 23 2008
Very Informative! One gets quality and brief descriptions about Cornell's seven colleges, campus life, and admissions. My group was walked step by step through the common application and suppleme [View Full Report]
August 31 2007
Very business-like and the presenter knew his stuff but it was not dynamic and probably could have all been gleaned from the website. [View Full Report]
August 22 2007
We did a local information session, not the one on campus. [View Full Report]
July 20 2007
interesting, the actual admissions officer was a lot more helpful than the tour guide. [View Full Report]
July 09 2007
I attended Summer College and had an info session through that. It was very well prepared and interesting...I learned a lot. Probaly one of my favorites. [View Full Report]
June 27 2007
Amazing - staff and student directed. Answered all questions. Did not sugar coat anything. We were very impressed. [View Full Report]
April 15 2007
discussions-faculty and student-very informative [View Full Report]
December 27 2006
Went to an ILR Info Session, but it ended up being just my parents, an adcom, & myself. Very informative, nice guy, good experience. [View Full Report]
September 05 2006
yes, very detailed, very informative, well presented. interesting speaker, i actually found myself paying attention. [View Full Report]
August 26 2006
Very intimate information session. The assistant dean of admissions who spoke to us is such a genuine, cute man [View Full Report]
August 20 2006
The information session was great. It came after the tour and I loved the tour so I think that I would have liked anything they would have said. [View Full Report]
August 10 2006
I went for a General university and CALS (college of agriculture & life sciences) information session of which both were very informative. [View Full Report]
August 08 2006
The info session at Cornell was the most formal of those I visited. They had a PowerPoint presentation and a very friendly but down-to-business type of speaker. It was much more informative and school [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
pretty general, the stuff that they like to promote the most is the interaction between professors and the undergrads...the availability of them. $430 [View Full Report]