Cornell University - Campus Tour

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September 06 2015
Gives the student's humorous views of life at CU and in Ithaca. Mainly useless info but it got us excited. We were not taken into any buildings although several in the group asked. [View Full Report]
March 27 2015
Typical walking tour. There are two types offered, take both- one is about the university and the other is about student life. [View Full Report]
August 21 2013
Very tiring, not the easiest campus to park and walk around. Guide was thorough. [View Full Report]
May 17 2013
tour guide was excellent and knew her facts. tour did not visit any dorm rooms. [View Full Report]
March 31 2013
By far the best student tour guide we've had. Christine was informative, personable, relatable and funny. Dorm rooms would've been a plus, but w/ a campus this size, I doubt it's possi [View Full Report]
July 12 2012
Excellent tourguide - Taylor. She was very knowledgeable and spoke loudly and clearly amid the noise of summer construction season at Cornell. [View Full Report]
August 09 2011
The highlight of the day. Had an informed, engaged student. Brought the school to life for my son. [View Full Report]
June 30 2011
My tour guide was wonderful. He shared all sorts of wonderful stories about Cornell in general and his personal experiences. There was also an informal Q&A session when we took a break. [View Full Report]
May 28 2011
Engineering tour, freshmen dorms and the generic campus tour. The general tour includes a sit-down Q&A so parents can catch their breath as it is a big campus (and they don't even really cove [View Full Report]
May 14 2011
My campus tour guide was extremely charismatic, and certainly made the tour for me. I remember him making pop culture references and humorous asides that showed us what Cornell was really like. [View Full Report]
September 26 2010
We opted for the Campus tour and then my son did the Freshman Experience tour. Our tour guide was a May graduate and he was friendly and well informed. [View Full Report]
January 18 2010
the tour was amazing. The campus is very beautiful and extremely amazing. im still in high school but the tour gave me the oppurtunity to see what life wud be like if i went to the school. [View Full Report]
August 03 2009
The campus tour was very very nice, but be prepared to walk, and if in the summer, use sunscreen! We did not enter any buildings, but got a basic feel of campus. [View Full Report]
April 17 2009
Very informative. Student tour guide was extremely enthusiastic, and told us a lot about his own experience as a Cornell student. Took us throughout the academic areas of campus only. [View Full Report]
April 08 2009
Cornell is as gorgeous as everyone says. People claim it's freezing, but being from NY, the acclamation isn't too drastic. The views are breathtaking although the large campus can be overwhe [View Full Report]
March 11 2009
For the Cornell tour, be prepared to walk!!! It's a huge campus, so wear something comfortable. The tour guides here were the most engaging out of those of all the schools I visited. [View Full Report]
February 28 2009
It rained, but nothing could have stopped me. I liked that place from the first, so getting wet meant nothing. [View Full Report]
January 20 2009
Tour guide walk backwards while talking non stop for an hour an a half, impressed. [View Full Report]
October 05 2008
The campus was absolutely stunning. Our tour guide was very personable and open to sharing and answering questions about her own experiences. [View Full Report]
July 31 2008
I missed the beginning of the tour. The guide had popped the collar on her polo, and was preppy-bubbly in personality. She dealt well with an unexpected rainstorm in the middle of the tour, though. [View Full Report]
June 26 2008
Student-led. My tour was an excellent introduction to the campus. [View Full Report]
May 28 2008
Led by a really cool tour guide who reminded me a little of myself...not "preppy" "nerdy" "fratty" "hippie" or any other sort of "label"...just a norm [View Full Report]
April 21 2008
Large group with an enthusiastic but low volume presenter. Toured engineering buildings and included short talk with a professor. [View Full Report]
April 05 2008
gives a little too much information for someone who has not yet even applied nor gotten in. [View Full Report]
March 23 2008
I had a great campus tour. I was lucky enough to have a one on one tour with a very exciting student. I was taken to all the principal buildings and to the key buildings of my prospective college. [View Full Report]
August 31 2007
Excellent tour. Our guide was extremely enthusiastic, knew her facts and answered all questions in a very honest, open manner. [View Full Report]
August 22 2007
Campus is beautiful - wear sneakers, bring a jacket. [View Full Report]
July 27 2007
Unfortunately, the tour we had allotted time for and the only information session of the day, were at the same time. That's poor planning on Cornell's part. [View Full Report]
July 20 2007
nice campus, weird was-there was a parking garage right outside the building where the tours began, it was almost incorporated into the campus.... [View Full Report]
July 09 2007
I have lived on campus for 3 weeks yet the original tour I was given was lively and informative. A nice treat. [View Full Report]
June 27 2007
Amazing!! Campus tour was given by recruiting coaches and other staff members. They were very detailed, told of the history, etc. [View Full Report]
April 15 2007
my flight was delayed--so I missed the tour. [View Full Report]
December 27 2006
But I did meet with a couple of students who generally give the tours, they were definitely friendly & helpful. [View Full Report]
September 10 2006
The campus is very pretty, but is unbearable in the winter. I've also been in the summer, spring and fall. [View Full Report]
September 05 2006
YES. gorgeous gorgeous campus, i really can't say enough about it. [View Full Report]
August 26 2006
Very in-depth. We were short on time, so had to leave in the middle of the session. We really didn't expect it to be so thorough! [View Full Report]
August 20 2006
It was interesting to have the tour and then the info session. The tour was very extensive and took about 2 hours. They took us all over the campus and my tour guide told us stories about each place we went to. Also, it was early so many people were still [View Full Report]
August 10 2006
Tours are led by Cornell students and start at Day Hall. The tour guides definitely know their stuff so i highly recommend going on a campus tour. [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
Beautiful day, friendly tour guide, and....a lot of noises? Some areas it was quiet, some very loud because there are so many construction sites going [View Full Report]