Duke University Visit Report by NC_DukeFan

Visit to Duke University in November 2008 by NC_DukeFan
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Campus Visit Notes for Duke University

Visit Description:

Duke Tower Hotel--We loved this place. We are Duke parents from western NC (near Asheville). Our son is playing on the football team (a freshman this year) and we come to see every home game. We heard about this from some other football parents. We now have a fairly large group of us that stays at Duke Tower. This place is like an unknown gem. They have a beautiful courtyard where we hang out. Before we would go room to room at the Hilton. That just didn't get it. Now we hang out by the pool. They also have a grill in the courtyard where we cook sometimes. Our son comes over after the game and we feed him and his friends. They have a full kitchen and my wife cooks for them.

They also have given us a ride in their shuttle over to the games so we didn't have to park. We called them on the cell phone afterward and they came and picked us up. Nice! My only complaint was that they didn't have breakfast but just this past weekend (for the UNC game--now don't ask me about that!) they started serving breakfast in the tower in the middle of the courtyard. The people are really friendly. I like this place and we want all of our football parents to stay here next year! Please join us and let's have a parents' party!

Hotel/Lodging Recommendations or Comments:

Duke Tower Hotel is a couple of blocks from East Campus. We walked over to East one time in the fall and took the bus to the game. That was fine too.

Dining/Restaurant Recommendations or Comments:

We go up to Brightleaf Square. We like the Italian place (can't remember the name) and we had breakfast one time around Brightleaf before Duke Tower starting serving breakfast.

Other Comments (Transportation, local attractions, parking, etc.):

They have a free shuttle to the games and to the campus in general. Just ask them, but get the cell phone number of the driver so they can pick you up afterward. They have bicycle rental also.