Harvey Mudd College - Dining/Restaurant Recommendations

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June 30 2012
the food is very exotic in claremont. [View Full Report]
January 01 2010
Mudd's lunch is $6/person. We ate outside the village and found Walgreens, a doughnut shop, subway, a gas station along the way. Good enough for a 2-day visit. [View Full Report]
April 02 2009
Lunch places in the Claremont village are very good. [View Full Report]
December 13 2008
We ate lunch at a local italian restaurant and enjoyed it tremendously. And we picked up jamba juices on our way out of town, which were scrumptious as always. [: [View Full Report]
July 16 2008
Ate dinner at The Press in Claremont which was very nice. [View Full Report]
April 17 2007
We ate at a sushi restaurant in the Village, it was okay. [View Full Report]
Rick Tyler
November 07 2006
Didn't eat or stay in Claremont. [View Full Report]
September 16 2006
Ate Pizza at a Papa Johns. $5 for a large one topping. [View Full Report]