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June 30 2012
i take a taxi. they are cheap. [View Full Report]
January 01 2010
We rode AMTRAK, but I know that metrolink (eh, whatever it's called) also stops in front of the colleges. [View Full Report]
April 02 2009
You will need to rent a car; there does not appear to be any public transportation. Also, a GPS is very useful. [View Full Report]
December 13 2008
Parking didn't Seem to be too bad, but I don't think it's necessarily a good thing to have a car. Most of the time, enough people have cars that you won't ever need one. [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
If you visit Harvey Mudd, visit some of the other Claremont Colleges. I'd say the other campuses are a lot nicer than Harvey Mudd. [View Full Report]
October 13 2007
Get up very early to get there if you need to travel through downtown LA; we saw one unfortunate prospie who missed his interview b/c of LA traffic. [View Full Report]
April 17 2007
Parking on campus can be difficult, you may have to hike a bit. [View Full Report]
Rick Tyler
November 07 2006
Fly in and out of Ontario Airport. Don't even think about LAX -- it's way far away and a much bigger hassle. You can visit Caltech or Occidental pretty easily from here, and of course UCLA, USC, UCI, UCR ... etc. are also nearby. [View Full Report]
September 16 2006
Parking wasn't a problem once we realized that we could park anywhere because it was the summer. [View Full Report]