Harvey Mudd College - Admissions Interview

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June 30 2012
i really enjoy harvey mudd college, and recently, i really enjoy the honnold library. their computers are great, and they have a public access policy. ever since they went online, they are really maki [View Full Report]
January 01 2010
I love my admission officer, she's so amazing. We come from similar backgrounds so we "clicked". But I really don't know what she thought of me. [View Full Report]
September 29 2009
Student interviewer was just finishing training, so adcom observed. DS said that was good because he got to sell 2 for 1. At least he knew what he was there for. [View Full Report]
January 24 2009
very laid back, conversational. they want to get an idea of what you do at school, your extracurriculars, what you do over summers. be prepared to describe what you want out of college, etc [View Full Report]
December 13 2008
Didn't have during my visit, but with a rep who visited my hometown. The one I had was pretty standard - usual questions, why interested, what about HMC, etc. [View Full Report]
September 18 2008
Awkward - sitting with both admissions officer and senior interviewer was intimidating. We never really connected. I am a girly girl and jock and nerd but I think they judged me by my cover. [View Full Report]
July 16 2008
Interviewer took D away and said he would be back in 20 mins. 40 mins later they returned. She thoroughly enjoyed the interview. [View Full Report]
June 30 2008
They like to stress that it isn't "make-or-break," and the interviewer definitely put me at ease. All of the questions were pretty reasonable, and I asked a few questions of my own. [View Full Report]
June 06 2008
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October 31 2007
My son met with an Admissions Counselor for about half an hour. It was very informal. [View Full Report]
Rick Tyler
November 07 2006
Spent 35 minutes with my son -- AO was great. [View Full Report]
September 16 2006
I did an interview in the afternoon. I had done an interview with Claremont McKenna that morning. Very Informal. [View Full Report]