Harvey Mudd College - Information Session

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July 13 2016
4/5, see visit description [View Full Report]
March 21 2010
Fairly informative info session held outside. [View Full Report]
February 21 2010
HMC stresses communications, writing, presentations, promotes collaboration, "we want to produce problem solvers, not specialized workers" "research should be the #1 reason you're [View Full Report]
January 01 2010
Same admission officer gave info session. She was happy and not at all monotonous. [View Full Report]
September 29 2009
We did it last year ... well, in Feb, but last school year so it feels like ages ago. It is not as generic as some. HMC is small and the info session felt more intimate [View Full Report]
April 02 2009
There was an information session which was separate from the tour and it was worth attending as it provided additional information not obvious in the tour. [View Full Report]
December 13 2008
Very statistically oriented, which I suppose is to be expected, but it was kind of like a laundry list of numbers. I enjoyed the tour much more than this. [View Full Report]
June 30 2008
Was absolutely great. Because we had a "big" group (only 6 students!), they moved us to the student lounge, which is fully of comfy couches. They added in many anecdotes, which made it inter [View Full Report]
June 06 2008
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April 17 2007
Very good overviews, every question we had was answered. This was an admitted students two day program. [View Full Report]
September 16 2006
They took us outside after serving us water. Same stuff I'd been hearing. ED and the like. [View Full Report]