Harvey Mudd College - Campus Tour

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July 13 2016
4.5/5, see visit description [View Full Report]
March 21 2010
Awesome tour by two current students covering most of campus and actually passing through academic areas (which is oddly unusual for tours). [View Full Report]
February 21 2010
In the few large lectures, recitations are ALSO taught by profs, "study abroad is easy" (not an eng. major!), 24x7 computer lab with free printing, three dept heads talked to our tour for ab [View Full Report]
January 01 2010
Campus tour was really good, there were only 5 student/parent groups. HMC is tiny, as you know, but we went through buildings and went down to see engineering shops. [View Full Report]
April 02 2009
We took a tour over spring break, so the campus was quiet. We had a very animated tour guide who loved her school. We saw classrooms, met a professor in the hallway and also saw the inside of a dorm [View Full Report]
January 24 2009
loved the campus tour, it really gives a great idea of what it's like to go there. you'll know immediately that you'll either love it or hate it. tour guide was very cool [View Full Report]
December 13 2008
Fantastic. Got a very realistic feel for the school. We were shown the dorms, (very... unique, in a good way), led through some classrooms... guide was enthusiastic yet down to earth. [View Full Report]
September 18 2008
Intimate. Nice kids. Very, very smart. Very helpful. Took us on detours upon request. [View Full Report]
July 16 2008
Tour was very comprehensive. A faculty member in the hallway stopped and talked with our very small group. We were shown the tour guide's dorm suite and room in all its glorious mess. D loved [View Full Report]
June 30 2008
The tour guide was extremely energetic and enthusiastic. She was upfront about their alcohol policy and living arangements, and this made it easy to trust everything else she said. [View Full Report]
June 06 2008
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October 31 2007
Great tour guide. Beautiful campus -- really well maintained facilities. Very friendly students. Professors called out hello when we went by their offices. [View Full Report]
April 17 2007
Mudd itself is a fairly small campus, the shared Claremont campus is huge, I wished I could have seen more of it. A bike would have been handy. [View Full Report]
Rick Tyler
November 07 2006
Rulz!!3! [View Full Report]
September 16 2006
Amazing! The tour guide was defintiely an uber-haxor1337man. He got a bit technical with the science stuff, but quirky jokes made it enjoyable [View Full Report]