Marist College Visit Report by BmacNJ

Visit to Marist College in August 2020 by BmacNJ
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Visit Activities:

Information Session: Yes - Admissions rep was from Nigeria and had a heavy accent which made understanding a bit difficult. She was informative and humorous, but extremely vague on answers to questions that were asked.

Campus Tour: Yes - The campus is beautiful, well kept and well manicured. Many newer buildings, with a new athletic center under construction. The campus sits on the Hudson River. Interior of buildings were spotless.


Friendliness/Courtesy of Students:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Students were extremely pleasant, friendly and helpful.For a Sunday afternoon, the campus was pretty active. Library and cafeteria were pretty crowded. Baseball game going on with decent crowd.

Friendliness/Courtesy of Staff:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Staff went out of their way to be friendly and courteous. The admissions staff was well organized. Various staff in different buildings were all friendly.

Appearance of Campus:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Couldn't ask for a better looking campus. Very similar to West Point as it sits directly on the Hudson River. The grounds and buildings are super clean & well kept. Fall and Spring are pictur

Building/Facilities Maintenance/Cleanliness:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
Numerous newer buildings. Late in the school year and couldn't find scuff marks on hallway paint. New gym being built. Only negative I could say is D1 Baseball field has zero appeal.

4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
Freshman dorms are typical double 2 beds,desks,closets. No AC and communal bathroom down hall. Floors/Wings by sex. Soph Jr/Sr all live in apt style. Housing not guaranteed all 4 yrs. Point system

5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Really safe campus, self contained within gates. Blue light system thru out campus. The area around campus is fine. Route 9 is loaded with stores, restaurants, malls ect...

Overall Campus Impression:
4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
Beautiful campus, location 90mins to NYC by train($37 R/T)Super clean, safe. Not really a diverse student population walking around. 60% female to 40% male. They pushed the Study Abroad 80 countries


Area Immediately Around Campus:
3 - Good
3 - Good
The area immediately around campus is fine. I'm sure like any city, there are sketchy areas. Free bus runs every hour on hour. Malls, shopping, supermarkets, restaurants within 7-12 minutes.

2 - Fair
2 - Fair
Poughkeepsie is an older city in need of fresh development. Marist is on the western side bordered by the Hudson. Other towns are nicer, wealthier suburban areas. Macy's, BMW & Mercedes deal

Campus Visit Notes for Marist College

Visit Description:

Marist definetly moves up on the list. Great location only 90 minutes from midtown NYC by train. The campus itself is beautiful, well kept and manicured. Many newer buildings and new Athletic Center under construction. Very safe, non-intimidating campus feel. Students and staff were all friendly. The campus had a lot of activity going on for early Sunday.1200-1350 SAT and the school is also TEST Optional. Freshman dorms were your typical doubles. Floors/Wing separated by sex. Laundry is free. Freshman must have the unlimited swipe plan. Sophs, Juniors and Seniors all live in apt style or townhouses with kitchens. Housing is NOT guaranteed all 4 years and works on a priority points system. In past 8 years, no one who wanted housing was denied. There are also several condo/townhome complexes just off campus that many students rent. Several Starbucks on campus.Cafeteria was large and clean. Another few smaller places on campus to grab a sandwich, salad ect..
They pushed the Study Abroad program hard. Nearly 60% of students go abroad during their 4 years. 80 countries to choose from. School spirit around campus was evident. 80 plus clubs available to join. Greek life is 5% of population.
Everyone of the 15 guides either had a double major or major/minor. Credits are able to double count. Library was nice, well used. Free printing on campus. Free WIFI on entire campus.
Social life seems to be OK, many area bars and parties on campus.
Ratio of females 60% to males 40%. The school has many trips to NYC for $25 you get round trip transportation and ticket to Broadway Play. $60 ski trip to Hunter Mountain includes transportation, ski rental and lift pass. $5 movie tickets to local theaters just to name a few.
Cost of tuition, fees, housing $55,000 per year. Merit Aid ranged from 5-$20,000. Many on campus jobs available.
Again, Marist will probably make the short list

Hotel/Lodging Recommendations or Comments:

At least 8-10 hotels within 1-10 miles of the campus

Dining/Restaurant Recommendations or Comments:

A ton of restaurants, fast food choices within 1-10 miles of campus

Other Comments (Transportation, local attractions, parking, etc.):

Marist students ride the local bus free by showing ID. The Galleria Mall is 7 miles away.(3 stops-12 minutes) Metro and Amtrak to NY are close by. 90 minutes to Manhattan, $37 round trip