Mount Holyoke College - Admissions Interview

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April 07 2012
My daughter interviewed with a MHC Student during our visit last year and was among one of her favorite interviews because of the friendliness of the student. [View Full Report]
September 07 2011
Didn't get much info from my daughter on how it went. She was pretty nervous. [View Full Report]
February 12 2010
Interview was wonderful. I was interviewed by a student, and she was very engaging and informative. [View Full Report]
August 26 2009
Interviewer was a student, standoffish and disengaged, with a list of questions. I was somewhat turned off by the interview itself. [View Full Report]
April 08 2009
My interview was with a student who seemed stiff and uncomfortable. She had a list of questions to ask and barreled through them. She seemed to be spitting out the party lines of the college. [View Full Report]