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Visit to Pomona College in October 2020 by palm715
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My daughter & I used the fall break Hawaii public schools provide to take a California College Road Trip. Woohoo! We saw Pitzer, Pomona, Chapman, Occidental, UCSB, Cal Poly, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and Chico State.

Warning: My "reports" are originally from a blog post just for friends and should be viewed as nothing more than the random thoughts of some mom you don't know whose opinions can differ greatly from her daughter's.

I will use the opening information above for each report followed by the specific thoughts for each school.


The admission talk prior to the tour smelled like smug over-achievers. The admissions guy said the competition ends with admission. I do believe this is what the school wants, but I’m hard-pressed to imagine the boy and girl hotshots in the room taking the “look at me I’m Sandra Dee” down a notch.

We did “win” a beanie baby of their school mascot, a Sage Hen, for traveling the farthest. It was our only tchotchke from any of the schools. Sold!

The student tour guide was very pleased to share how awesome... he was. To be fair, by this time my sleep deprivation was keeping me from being the kindest version of myself. He is an amazing guy, and therefore a reflection of his amazing school. Amazing.

The town of Claremont (where all five of the consortium schools, only two of which we visited, are located) is très adorable. The 100 degree weather was less adorable, but it’s true, dry heat is not as miserable as humid. This was the start of my daughter’s and my Hawaii skin and lips literally peeling off from the lack of moisture.

Zero loan financial aid policy. The admissions guy mentioned many times that money will never keep you from being the best student you can be, including fully funded clubs, internships, and study aboard.