Pomona College - Hotel/Lodging Recommendations

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January 05 2014
Recommend the Hilton in Claremont [View Full Report]
August 17 2012
Stayed at the nearby Doubletree - very nice. [View Full Report]
May 05 2012
My mother stayed at Claremont Hotel and Tennis Club, which was cheap (55$), had a large double bedroom with TV and internet, and provided her complimentary shuttle to and from the Claremont Colleges. [View Full Report]
April 19 2012
Didn't stay anywhere, only day trip. [View Full Report]
March 29 2012
We stayed at the Ontario Suites in Montclair. We were trying to budget and not go to the Doubletree in Claremont. I would not recommend this motel; not as clean and well-kept as I would like. [View Full Report]
February 23 2012
Doubletree. Nice but pricey. [View Full Report]
October 16 2011
Disappointed that there were only 2 hotel in the immediate area. They were full when we went to make reservations but I was glad when I found out the prices for the Doubletree! We ended up staying a [View Full Report]
February 20 2011
We had a bad experience at a particular hotel near the Ontario Airport. There are actually quite a few options closer to Claremont, though the airport isn't far. [View Full Report]
April 21 2009
Stayed at the DoubleTree, which was nice, reasonably priced, and less than five minutes away from campus. They were nice and upgraded our room to one with another bed for free. [View Full Report]
March 30 2008
We stayed at the Doubletree in Claremont. Parents found a very good pre-pay rate on internet. It was nice to be so close because it gave me a break from campus [View Full Report]
October 30 2006
Doubletree- about 5 min drive from admissions office. Comfortable lodgings, reasonably priced. Would def. stay there again. [View Full Report]
August 23 2006
Sheraton Fairplex, about 5-10 easy minutes away from campus, was excellent and good value. It provides free shuttles to campus, shopping centers, etc. (as, apprently, do many fof the local hotels.) Very attentive staff. [View Full Report]