Pomona College - Admissions Interview

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August 17 2012
A very relaxed and pleasant conversation. They arranged for my daughter to meet with a Department Chair to answer her specific questions. [View Full Report]
April 19 2012
Didn't have one [View Full Report]
March 29 2012
Pomona interviews Seniors only. [View Full Report]
February 23 2012
Too early in ds's junior year to get an interview or overnight. [View Full Report]
November 07 2011
I was not present at the interview. My son was interviewed bt a senior. The senior students seemed very prepared and mature. They dressed very professionally. [View Full Report]
October 16 2011
My son wanted to interview since he is considering Early Decision but the slots were all full. We then asked to interview with an alumni in the Claremont area. They were able to have an alumni come [View Full Report]
September 18 2008
I had a lot of fun with this interview. The conversation flowed very well and we ended up running over the time limit. I felt very comfortable. [View Full Report]
August 06 2008
The admissions officer was quite young, very nice, very relaxing. Interested in what I had to say. The interview went by very quickly. [View Full Report]
March 30 2008
The web site says call a couple weeks in advance. I called a month ahead and got the last appointment that week. If you want an interview, make the appointment as soon as you know you're visiting [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
Best inteview I've had so far. I was lucky, the senior who interviewed me also spoke Russian and was born in Uzbekistan, so we had a lot to talk about. I was grilled about Physics and Psych, haha [View Full Report]
October 30 2006
Eh, it went okay. It was my second interview and I was crazy nervous. A senior conducted the interview and she didn't really talk much- felt kind of awkward. [View Full Report]
August 23 2006
Son felt that it was a very positive interview. Interviewer (who was from South America) was very friendly, and the two of them had a lively and enjoyable discussion about son's language/cultural immersion experiences in Argentina and Brazil, as wel [View Full Report]