Pomona College - Information Session

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January 05 2014
One of the admissions staff provided an engaging and informative session, with Q&A. Very worthwhile and well attended, most useful and friendly approach, enhanced our opinion greatly. [View Full Report]
October 20 2013
A lot of informative information and gave me all the info I needed. [View Full Report]
August 17 2012
We were on campus for the first time to attend "Admitted Students Day." We were incredibly impressed by how happy the students and faculty were - much more so than the East Coast Ivies we vi [View Full Report]
May 05 2012
Amazing. The speaker made an effort to get to know every student in the crowd. All the staff introduced themselves and their specialties. We heard an amazing speech from a Pomona student. [View Full Report]
April 19 2012
The information session was informative. Most was talk about getting in and what students do at Pomona. Still, there was not as much talk about the admissions process as I would have liked. [View Full Report]
March 29 2012
Interesting session by a great speaker; kept reminding us about the importance of fit, how she reads fantastic apps that sound perfect for another school, and hope that student has applied there also. [View Full Report]
February 23 2012
Unimpressive, IMO. The guy never even introduced himself, though we got a card later so I now know who he is. We did the tour first, so that's part of the reason the info session was redundant. [View Full Report]
November 07 2011
Typical session, lots of self-cheering. [View Full Report]
October 16 2011
The session became full fast (columbus day weekend) so they had to move us to a bigger space. They couldn't find one fast that was unlocked. Makes me wonder about clubs finding places to meet o [View Full Report]
October 19 2009
By far the best admissions counselor I have met... This guy was so funny! [View Full Report]
March 22 2009
Speaking-wise not the best--the guy was a little awkward and said "Let me just back up a bit" far too much, but information-wise there was all sorts of useful information. Very very helpful. [View Full Report]
September 18 2008
Generic. Sat in an auditorium and listened to a few people yak. Thorough answers to questions. [View Full Report]
August 06 2008
Very relaxed atmosphere. The speaker was enthusiastic yet genuine, especially when it came to discussing admissions (test scores DO count, etc.). [View Full Report]
March 30 2008
My parents attended this while I visited a class. They felt it reviewed the information from the web site. The presenter stressed sending in the arts, science, and athletic supplements if applicable. [View Full Report]
October 30 2006
very informative, adm. officer talking was witty as well as knowledgable. [View Full Report]
August 23 2006
Information session could have been better. Evinced an elitist attitude out of character with the rest of the visit and son's subsequent experiences. [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
Admissions counselors seemed to tiptoe around some of the major questions about test scores and extracurricular expectations, but were helpful in expl [View Full Report]