Pomona College - Classroom Visit

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January 05 2014
No [View Full Report]
August 17 2012
My child sat in on Diff EQ math and a Cognitive Science class. Both classes had fewer than 10 students. The teachers were interesting and engaging. [View Full Report]
May 05 2012
Visited a Calculus III class by Radunskaya and an Advanced Biochem class by Edward Crane. Incredibly friendly to us prospies and I learned so much. The professors are brilliant and very helpful. [View Full Report]
April 19 2012
Same [View Full Report]
February 23 2012
Yes and no. I love the way Pomona lets you look at course offerings ahead of time to pick classes. But once we got there we realized that the "Pomona" classes he picked were both CMC classes [View Full Report]
April 21 2009
Took Modern Political Theory (40-student lecture) and Psycholinguistics (12 person seminar). Professors were engaging, funny, and enthusiastic, and the students reciprocated. [View Full Report]
March 30 2008
Unlike some schools that control your time on campus, Pomona allows prospects to look at the schedule and pick the classes to visit. If visiting in the fall try a Critical Inquiry class at 11 on T/R. [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
I observed a Japanese class. Most of the students there were from Pitzer, and one was from Pomona. The class was energetic and willing to let me participate. [View Full Report]