Washington and Lee University - Hotel/Lodging Recommendations

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June 25 2010
I stayed at the Holiday Inn Express. It was fine, nothing special or anything. It was okay for just sleeping. If you want nice though, go somewhere else. [View Full Report]
June 20 2010
We drove in from Norther VA/D.C. that morning. Other than a very early departure (5am), an easy and do-able day trip thanks to minimal traffic and good roads. [View Full Report]
April 14 2010
Hampton Inn - convenient and nice. [View Full Report]
April 18 2009
Stayed at the Omni in Charlottesville, so not too local. [View Full Report]
January 21 2009
We stayed in the Hampton Inn. Clean room, fine for one night. [View Full Report]
December 29 2008
Try and find one of the B&Bs or be prepared for the Days Inn or Best Western. [View Full Report]
July 13 2008
Col Alto Hampton Inn was great [View Full Report]
October 07 2007
Hampton Inn which is in town. You can walk to the campus. [View Full Report]
August 31 2007
I highly recommend the Hampton Inn Col Alto. It is within walking distance of downtown Lexington and campus. [View Full Report]
Father of the Boarder
May 24 2007
Can't help you. [View Full Report]
September 17 2006
There are many hotels just north of Lexington on an I-64, Route 11 exit. From these hotels, it takes 5 minutes to get to the school. One of the nicest hotels is the Hampton Inn Col Alto. This hotel is in town and in the best Hampton Inn I have seen. [View Full Report]