Washington and Lee University - Dining/Restaurant Recommendations

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June 25 2010
There are a few cute restaurants in downtown Lexington. I happened to go to the Southern Inn and had a really good pasta dish with grilled chicken in it. The Palms was good for lunch as well. [View Full Report]
April 18 2009
The Southern Inn was excellent for lunch. [View Full Report]
January 21 2009
Salernos - great pizza. Within walking distance of the campus. [View Full Report]
December 29 2008
Great cafes for breakfast and lunch, can't comment on dinner. [View Full Report]
July 13 2008
Bistro on Main - nice! [View Full Report]
October 07 2007
We ate at the Southern Inn. It was very good. [View Full Report]
Father of the Boarder
May 24 2007
Can't help you. [View Full Report]
September 17 2006
Lots of cheap eats in town. Clean, medium-scale/cost establishments. NO Starbucks! [View Full Report]