Washington and Lee University - Campus Tour

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June 25 2010
A very, very attractive W&L student led our tour. He brought us all around campus and was very helpful in telling about his experiences and answering questions (even dumb ones). [View Full Report]
June 20 2010
Good. Only drawback -- very little access to the interior of buildings; only student commons and cafeteria. No dorm visit. [View Full Report]
April 14 2010
Informative, without overkill. Less scripted than some other places - felt like we were hearing about the school in the student's own words rather than reading from a script. [View Full Report]
April 18 2009
Great tour led by a student from New York; it was really interesting to get the perspective of a student who was urban, northern, liberal and politically active. [View Full Report]
January 21 2009
Tour guide was knowledgeable, answered questions respectfully. He wore a tie and sport coat :) [View Full Report]
December 29 2008
Great to walk around the campus and see the facilites but they do not allow you to tour dorms on Saturday mornings. [View Full Report]
July 13 2008
Our guide was well informed, interesting, funny, and truly cared about the school. Did a great job. [View Full Report]
October 07 2007
Student led and very informative. You got a bit of history, tradition, educational, and social info. Tour guides obviously love the school. [View Full Report]
August 31 2007
Despite its small size, W&L has a fairly sizable campus and impressive facilities. We also enjoyed hearing about all of the school's historical ties. [View Full Report]
Father of the Boarder
May 24 2007
Walked all around the campus. It is nice. People were nice. [View Full Report]
September 17 2006
We didn't have time to take a formal tour in November but met with a current student from our hometown who took us around. When we went back in April we did take the admissions tour. The campus was pristine and beautiful even in chilly November. [View Full Report]
August 24 2006
The guide was very knowledgeble. Very approachable and friendly. Didn't bore with unneeded details. Felt like a tour, didn't feel like an advertisement. [View Full Report]