Washington and Lee University - Classroom Visit

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June 20 2010
My son loved the 2 classes he visited -- Buddhism & Politics. Interestsing and engaged profs and students. [View Full Report]
April 14 2010
The worst part of the visit - did not pick a particularly good class - but were limited due to time constraints. [View Full Report]
November 06 2009
the teacher was wonderful. he showed the class a very interesting movie although they usually act out plays. the relationship between the teachers and students seemed good. [View Full Report]
Father of the Boarder
May 24 2007
D saw class. [View Full Report]
March 23 2007
Really nice, great profs [View Full Report]
September 17 2006
My kid sat in Political Science classes (different ones) both times with 2 different professors. Classes are no bigger than 50 and the classes the student actually attended were around 30. [View Full Report]