Wellesley College Visit Report by wannabeivy0815

Visit to Wellesley College in April 2008 by wannabeivy0815
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Visit Activities:

Admissions Interview: No - I didn't ask for an admission interview. It's not a necessary component for admissions and Iit counts for very little since there are plenty of applicants who are accepted w/o it.

Information Session: Yes - It's completely personal and I really felt that I was being cared for. I had a ton of chances to ask questions and really talk with the admission officer as well as with a current student.

Campus Tour: Yes - I actually have visited the campus twice and every time I went I realize what a wonderful place Wellesley is because of the architecture and amazing maintenance of gorgeous castle-like buildings.

Classroom Visit: Yes - I visited an open psychology class and I thought the topic was interesting enough, but the level of teaching/ the instructor not as compelling as I thought it would be so I was a little disappointed.


Friendliness/Courtesy of Students:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
At Open Campus, I got completely lost but a student who happened to pass by walked me to the dorms despite the fact that it was A)freezing, B)almost midnight and C)she was going the opposite way.

Friendliness/Courtesy of Staff:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Everyone from the person handing me my food to the cleaning staff were kind, helpful and friendly in general. They try to make the students comfortable and it was a really nice to have that.

Appearance of Campus:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
One word: MAGIC I was blown away. It was the best campus in terms of maintenance, cleanliness and the classic/ivy look. It's better than Yale, Princeton and Harvard hands down.

Building/Facilities Maintenance/Cleanliness:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Wellesley hires a lot of staff to keep a clean and neat appearance. Also, I think it helps that girls are less troublesome and neater than boys. It's the best I've seen in terms of its quali

3 - Good
3 - Good
Although the dorms were relatively clean, the few number of shower stalls and the incredibly strict dining hall hours were surprising. The living conditions were slightly disappointing.

5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Wellesley is located in the very wealthy, suburban town of Wellesley (duh!) where crime rates are low and security/safety issues are minimal at best. Security/safety was not a big issue on campus.

Overall Campus Impression:
5 - Excellent
5 - Excellent
Wellesley's alumni endowment is the biggest all around with its amazing alumni network, I think you can never go wrong with Wellesley. Excellent, engaged faculty with passionate, serious students


Area Immediately Around Campus:
2 - Fair
2 - Fair
Despite the low crime rates and nice, clean neighborhood, the pricey restaurants and shops are very anti-college students and makes for an unfriendly area. Most dislike the town, but love the college.

4 - Very Good
4 - Very Good
Wellesley is not a college hangout place and getting to Boston seems to take a lot of effort and time. That's one disadvantage of being at Wellesley because there is a certain sense of isolation.

Campus Visit Notes for Wellesley College

Visit Description:

My first visit was during the summer of my junior year and my initial impression of the college was that it was very strict and controlling. The campus tour was amazing just because of the sheer ability of the college being able to keep up all the maintenance required on such many beautiful buildings. Really, after the campus tour, you can't shake off the feeling that you want to live there regardless of the kinds of inhibitions you might have had. But the information session changed my mind. An admission officer and a current student lead a small group (usually about 3 pairs of parents and students) to a meeting room to discuss and answer the various aspects of life at Wellesley such as academic quality, faculty, student activities, Boston, the alumni network, and etc. You get much more attention and more chances to ask questions than the usual information session at other colleges and it's really nice that it's very personal, but I left with the impression that the college is very controlling and patronizing at some degrees with its very strict codes of living (controlled alcohol consumption...not that it's a problem with me...but as college students I feel that we should be given the choice.)

My second visit after being admitted was much better. The Spring Open Campus exceeded my expectations and was fun and informative, which really helped me make my decision. The kindness and friendliness of the student body made me feel at home and the approachable and warm professors I've met through the panels provided in the program was really inspiring. As someone who takes her academics very seriously, I felt that this was a place where I can be supported and helped to achieve all that I want to achieve.

The best parts were the alumni panel talk where 4 very successful alumni discussed their experiences and shared advice on how to survive at Wellesley, why Wellesley was the right choice for them, and how Wellesley prepares you for life after Wellesley. I could really understand the great alumni network bond. Among the interesting panelists were the marketing director of XBOX, Harvard Medical school graduate working in neuroscience, and a Boston firm representative/lawyer.

And I can't forget the Lulu student center activities at night. There were dances, concerts, acapella performances, catered DESSERT, chocolate fountains and food on each floor, student activities fair booths, and great people to talk to. Wellesley students in general were very diverse, approachable, and friendly. Everyone wanted to help me out and I felt really welcome by everyone. Wellesley also has a GREAT Asian network system. (esp. Korean American Students Assn, I was told.)

My hosts were very friendly (I stayed overnight) and the food was heavenly. I don't even have to mention the ice cream everyday. The food was always fresh, well prepared, and delicious! The only thing was that the dining halls closed way to early for breakfast and dinner. But the selection is diverse and I see why they call it the "freshman 30" at Wellesley.

I was greatly impressed by Wellesley and though I initially had some reservations about it being a very unique "all-women" environment, I really feel that anyone who tries can succeed there and become a part of a strong knit community.

Hotel/Lodging Recommendations or Comments:

I would recommend the Boston Marriott Newton because the hotel is just overlooking a lake, it has great gym facilities and a swimming pool as well as great service. My mom and I both had a great time.

Dining/Restaurant Recommendations or Comments:

The one thing unfortunate about the Boston Marriott Newton is that its restaurant comes nowhere close to the hotel itself. Fortunately, Wellesley fed us amazing CATERED food during the Open Weekend.

Other Comments (Transportation, local attractions, parking, etc.):

Because there are so many colleges nearby, it's very easy to do a whole college tour with a rental car. An hourly bus operates on Wellesley to take students to MIT and Boston but cars are better.