Wellesley College - Dining/Restaurant Recommendations

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November 17 2012
with the travel grant i was provide meals. and my host made sure i ate something at the cafeteria both dinner and breakfast. she even paid! The food was very good. [View Full Report]
May 19 2012
I can't speak for dining offcampus, but I ate at Stone Davis. The food is very good for college food. Also, there was catering for a late night snack and brunch, which was very yummy. [View Full Report]
June 30 2011
Dorm food was amazing, especially at Tower. The student center (Lulu) was great, as well. Lots of veg options [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
the bakery right on the campus town street was great! [View Full Report]
July 09 2008
Wellesley being a very small town, food is kinda pricey. There are many, many, small cafes/restaurants and the variety is pretty good (there was American, Chinese, Thai, etc.). [View Full Report]
May 29 2008
The one thing unfortunate about the Boston Marriott Newton is that its restaurant comes nowhere close to the hotel itself. Fortunately, Wellesley fed us amazing CATERED food during the Open Weekend. [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
There was a wide variety of food when I visited. There are always vegetarian options, too. [View Full Report]