Wellesley College - Admissions Interview

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May 19 2012
I did not have an on-campus admissions interview; however, I did have an interview with a local alumna. The interview went very well, and my interviewer was very nice and helpful. [View Full Report]
April 09 2010
I had an interview with an alumna instead. [View Full Report]
July 08 2009
My interviewer only graduated from Wellesley this past spring, so I don't think she was very experienced with conducting college interviews. She didn't seem very enthusiastic, which made me [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
The interviewer could not have been more gracious. It was more a conversaton and not scary for my daughter at all. She enjoyed her time with Lauren and learned a lot about the school [View Full Report]
May 29 2008
I didn't ask for an admission interview. It's not a necessary component for admissions and Iit counts for very little since there are plenty of applicants who are accepted w/o it. [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
I had an alumni interview, and my interviewer was wonderful. She was very enthusiastic and helpful. I brought her my art to show her, and we talked about my interests and activities. [View Full Report]
August 19 2006
The admissions room has a very comfortable waiting room and the people are eager to help you out. The interview was very conversational. [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
Not doing interviews that day. [View Full Report]