Wellesley College - Information Session

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May 16 2018
Far more personal and down to earth than any other visit I went on. I felt like the woman leading the information session truly cared about everyone's questions about the school. [View Full Report]
November 17 2012
The information session was very informative. They had 4 past alumni (both old and recent graduates) from the college express how they feel about Wellesley and about their own experiences. [View Full Report]
May 19 2012
Wellesley did an excellent job with the information session. When I visited, there were alumnae present to talk about their experiences at Wellesley, which was very informative. [View Full Report]
October 17 2011
I went for the Discover Wellesley Weekend, the information was exhaustive, all activities, application process etc. covered. [View Full Report]
April 09 2010
No need. :) [View Full Report]
October 19 2009
I loved the multifaith chapel. I got there late though [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
Very informative, both the alumni one in our town and also the one during the campus visit. GREAT information, including how to structure your application, tips on applying, financial aid, etc. WOW [View Full Report]
August 28 2008
Very comprehensive. It was a student and an admiss. officer and they gave a good, well rounded info session. Good stories and anecdotes as well. [View Full Report]
July 09 2008
Ad-com lady was eloquent, friendly, and insightful. There were about 10 students + parents sitting around an oval table, seminar-style. [View Full Report]
May 29 2008
It's completely personal and I really felt that I was being cared for. I had a ton of chances to ask questions and really talk with the admission officer as well as with a current student. [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
I went to Wellesley for the special day they had for all prospective students. A student panel talked about their experiences, and we had a chance to ask the admissions officers questions. [View Full Report]