Wellesley College - Campus Tour

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May 16 2018
The tour guide seemed to really love her school and shared some good stories that emphasized the unique aspects of women's colleges. [View Full Report]
November 17 2012
The tour guide was friendly and nice. she answered all the questions and told us all about the campus traditions. my favorite was the passing of the hoops. [View Full Report]
May 19 2012
The campus tour was pretty standard of small liberal arts school campus tours. My tour guide was very nice and answered questions pretty well. [View Full Report]
October 17 2011
The campus tour was wonderful, I didn't get to see the athletic facilities, but I could have if I had wanted to, I just didn't get around to it. [View Full Report]
June 30 2011
What a beautiful campus! Granted, it was spring, but the landscape and Lake Waban were breathtaking. I loved Tower Court and Severance Dorms, and Pomeroy was also very nice. [View Full Report]
April 09 2010
I took the tour in April of 2009 on my first visit. The tour guide, a senior, was extremely eloquent and accomplished. She went out of her way to show me what I wanted to see. [View Full Report]
October 19 2009
The campus was so pretty on Monday. [View Full Report]
July 08 2009
It was raining, and my dad and I had already wandered around campus enough trying to find the admissions office to get the general feel of the place. [View Full Report]
December 02 2008
My tour guide was very smart and poised. She had a ton of great things to say about Wellesley and she said them eloquently-- very impressive. [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
Gorgeous. I can't describe the beauty of this campus in 200 words. You have to see it to understand. If I ever run away from home, my family should start looking at the Wellesley library. [View Full Report]
August 28 2008
Had to leave early, but we saw the main things. Beautiful campus. [View Full Report]
May 29 2008
I actually have visited the campus twice and every time I went I realize what a wonderful place Wellesley is because of the architecture and amazing maintenance of gorgeous castle-like buildings. [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
I was very tired by the time we got to the tour, but the guide was cheerful and the campus beautiful, so I woke up. :) It amazes me how they are able to walk backwards so well. [View Full Report]
August 19 2006
The campus is hands down one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. [View Full Report]
August 04 2006
Very good [View Full Report]