Wellesley College - Classroom Visit

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November 17 2012
I took a Japanese class. the class was small (just how i like it)and the professor was kind. [View Full Report]
May 19 2012
The professor was funny, and the material was pretty standard (I sat in on a 100-level political science class). The students varied from very vocal to pretty quiet. Class was discussion-based. [View Full Report]
October 17 2011
I picked a multivariable calculus class and enjoyed it. [View Full Report]
April 09 2010
As I said later, "That is how a college class should be." Incredibly engaging professor who asked some challenging, thought-provoking questions, and the students were very eager to join in. [View Full Report]
October 19 2009
i liked how the desks had the wellesley seal on them..i also liked the teacher. she was so lively. [View Full Report]
November 10 2008
Classes my daughter sat in on were small, the professor purposely sought to involve the students in discussion and not simply blah blah blah lecturing. D loved the material and was dying to chime in. [View Full Report]
May 29 2008
I visited an open psychology class and I thought the topic was interesting enough, but the level of teaching/ the instructor not as compelling as I thought it would be so I was a little disappointed. [View Full Report]
January 12 2008
I observed a beginning Japanese class. Even though I have taken three years of Japanese, I learned something new! The class was small and energetic, and the teacher was cute and cheerful. [View Full Report]
August 21 2006
I sat in on a Spanish poetry class. Small class size, although there were about as many other prospective students sitting in too. [View Full Report]
August 19 2006
I peeked in on a intermediate french class and advanced chem. The class sizes were very small and interactive. The teacher seemed to know everyone personally. [View Full Report]